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EAP - Applied Electronics Summer School


The 6th edition of EAP Summer School program will take place between June 23rd and August 15th 2014, inside the InGeAr laboratory, POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest.
A short desciption with projects and activites frm 2013 of the InGeAr laboratory:
Photo gallery with projects done during the 5th edition of the EAP Summer School:


The selection is done based on CVs & letter of intent that must address the following questions: - Menționați cele mai importante 3 activități Extracurriculare la care ați participat în ultimii 3 ani (max 100 cuvinte) - De unde ați aflat de acest program? - Menționați cele mai importante 3 concursuri la care ați participat în ultimii 3 ani (max 100 cuvinte) - În maxim 200 de cuvinte, motivați de ce doriți să participați la Școala de vară EAP 2013

The application is available on http://stagiipebune.ro.
Please use this platform to submit your CV & letter of intent:

Proposed Projects for v6

1. Line-follower 2. Mega-Sumo robot 3. Maze-Solver robot 4. DC motor control with digital input 5. LCD Color/TouchScreen - with gaming applications 6. Mini-POV based display 7. High Precision Clock with DS3231 and LED display 8. Ethernet cable tester (RJ45) 9. USB stick with true random generator


MSc. Daniel Rosner - Assistant Professor MSc. Razvan Tataroiu - Assistant Professor MSc. Cristian Tranca - Engineer Iulian Calciu - Associated Assistant Alex Palacean - Associated Assistant Iulia Todirica - Associated Assistant

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