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IoT Summer School


The 2nd edition of IoT Summer School program will take place between June 22nd and July the 4th, hosted by Automatic Control and Computers Faculty, POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest.
The IoT Summer School program will introduce you to fast prototyping of IoT products (Internet of Things) - end empower you to implement your ideas and develop our own devices (like fitness trackers, digital music devices or the next electrical car).
In the second part of the program, you will learn hot to develop a basic mobile app, that will enhance your hardware device buy giving users a modern, phone based interface.

2014 editions results

Projects developed in the 2014 IoT Summer School where continued by the teams and went on to participate in the InnovationLabs 2015 program, including a Best Product prize. A few examples of InnovationLabs 2015 teams on IoT: http://www.agora.ro/stire/internet-things-la-innovation-labs-boost-day-obiectele-prind-a-prin-tehnologie-i-creativitatea


The selection is done based on CVs & a series of questions, followed by a short interview.

The application is available on http://bitly.com/IoT_Summer_School_2015_Application_Form



- Between 22 June - 27 June - 9:00 - 17:00 - IoT track.
- Between 29 June - 4 July - 9:00 - 17:00 - Mobile Development track.
- Participants will work in teams of two

Detailed Schedule

Day 1 (22 June)

  • Intro
  • Intel Edison presentation
  • Wyliodrin presentation (service that allows you to visually create applications for a a range of hardware development boards (Intel Edison, Intel Galileo, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoneBlack, Arduino, chipKIT, etc) and control them directly from the browser. More info: https://www.wyliodrin.com
  • Wyliodrin Lesson 1

Day 2 (23 June)

  • Wyliodrin Lesson 2
  • Sensors 1 - ADC (for analog sensors)
  • Digital Signal Processing - intro
  • Analog Signal Digital Filtering

Day 3 (24 June)

  • Wyliodrin Lesson 3
  • Sensors 2 - I2C Sensors and peripherals
  • Digital Signal Processing - advanced filtering
  • Analog signal digital filtering - advanced

Day 4 (25 June)

  • Wyliodrin Lesson 4
  • Sensors 2 - I2C / SPI - application - motion processing unit
  • Digital Signal Processing - specific processing for MPU’s

Day 5 (26 June)

  • Project Work

Day 6 (27 June)

  • Project Work


Professor Răzvan Rughiniș
Assistant Professor Daniel Rosner
Assistant Professor Alexandru Radovici

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